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Phillips on Tinder


100% Cotton, Digital Print on Sol's Tee-shirt (Licensed by Fair Wear Foundation)

“We are greedy because, we fear we lose what we need, because we fear that isn't the right thing; because we fear depending on something that doesn't belong to us , because we fear making choices.
When we are greedy, the psychoanalyst Harold Boris writes, we are in a state of mind which we “wish and hope to have everything all the time, Greed wants everything, nothing less will do, and so it cannot be satisfied. Appetite he explains in a useful distinction, is inherently satisfiable. It goes after what It wants and yet is receptive to what it gets.
So the excess of appetite we call greed actually is a form of despair. Greed turns up when we lose faith in our appetite, when what we need is not available. In this view it is not that appetite is excessive,it is that our fear of frustration is excessive. excess is a sign of frustration, we are only excessive wherever there is frustration we are unaware of, and a fear we can not bear. An addiction is an unformulated frustration”
—Adam Phillips, on Balance(five short talks on excess)

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