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Wearing Awareness


White or Black

In this section you can choose your own T-shirt and pick your favorite drawings and assemble it all together. Please make sure that the images will be adjusted to the size and the color of the T-shirts, so the final product will be visually satisfying.




T-shirts as pages of the book.



100% local organic products. In this project I am cooperating with brands only licensed by Fair Wear Foundation. FWF works with brands, factories, trade unions and NGOs to verify and improve workplace conditions where our clothing is made.



Only two colors (black and white) with couple of exceptions in (Red, Yellow and Green which comes in related sections )


“365 Etudes For Celebrating Pleasure” is the title of a multimedia project made by Kamran Behrouz. This work consisted of daily drawings and text research regarding to philosophy, Art, psychoanalysis, political science, Pop culture etc.
The gesture of daily drawings is part of the concept of this work. An attempt is made in this project to reflect on the idea of literary collectivism. There are drawings, blogs and prints, tee-shirts, book/publication.
The book itself is an answer to an „Absolute frustration“ driven by the fact that having to deal with reality is painful, and art could consider as a solution, However secretly no one wants art to be true.
As Sebald argues „our solutions are re-description of our problems“and as being an independent Artist, one needs to deal with numerous boxes and categories created by politics, society, galleries, art institutions and academics in general. As Adam Philips puts it more psychoanalytically „If we do not feel the frustration we do not discover whether we have the wherewithal to deal with reality“.
So this project in its very basic form is an object which reclaims and declares this frustration with daily drawings as a strategy, to try to find a way of getting away with it and at the same time by celebrating it. “How can we celebrate in a world that is filled with destruction and frustration” is basically the main question in this work.
The book is one of the outcomes of this multimedia project, and the Tee-shirts are being produced as pages of the book. Traditionally in many different periods of time Tee-shirts were playing an important Role with carrying a message or a symbol.

Wearing awareness (Donations)


Wearing awareness is another part of this multimedia project. The idea of wearing awareness is to connect what we believe and what we wear. The main question is how is it possible to initiate solidarity beyond liking a post on Facebook or Twitter.
How is it possible to not participate for example in a market that is run on child labour to produce cheap clothing and instead helping them indirectly by choosing a Tee-shirt. As we know in our globalized contemporary world, what we are wearing or consuming directly affects other people’s lives.
Using local, organic Tee-shirts as pages of the mentioned book is “Wearing Awareness” a platform for making tiny little changes. By choosing our material and the content as well as donating the profits of the Tee-shirts purchased in this section to organizations such as NGOs that support and care for child labourers, or other suffering distant others, and including Vafa Animal Shelter (which is one of the NGOs in Iran run by citizens and public donations).
You can click on each Tee-shirt and getting more information about where your donation is going when purchasing any of these Tee-shirts.